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Tabo Mangalo Gaan

Bhajan and Devotional | Modern Bengali Songs

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Debarati Purkayastha

Goutam Purkayastha

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The theme of the album is Durga Puja, the Greatest festival of Bengal.

Lyrics &  music: Gautam Purkayastha & Debarati Purkayastha

 Accompaniment :
Tabla, Dhol and others (Anushangik) : Udoy Mukherjee
Tabla :  Bijoy Das
Octaped: Subhrajit Das
Keyboard : Surajit Das
Sitar: Bhaskar Roy
Mandolin, Benzo & Dotara :  Nilotpal Chakraborty
Flute: Soumajyoti Ghosh
Saxophone: Sumit Sur
Rhythm & Lead Guiter: Jagan Das
Base Guiter:  Prabir Mallik

Music Arrangement (Sangeet Ayojan): Jagan Das

Studio : Digi Voice, Garia, Kolkata and A. K. Studio, Karve Nagar, Pune

Recordist (Sabda Grahan): Jhantu Jana, Ameya Vaidya

Debarati Purkayastha:

Debarati has completed Visharad programme in Hindustani Classical from Lucknow Bhatkhand in her childhood. Debarati had participated in various musical programs and competitions and were noticed for her Hindi Bhazans and film songs. She is very versatile vocalists who performs all brands of songs like Hindi modern, Bengali modern, Nazrul Geeti, Devotional songs & Bhazans. She is teaching Hindustani Classical. Along with her husband Gautam Purkayastha, she has released a CD on Bengali Devotional songs in the year 2014. She is a performing artist in stage programs along with her husband Gautam Purkayastha



Gautam Purkayastha:

Gautam belongs to a family of noted musicians and vocalists and was learning vocals from his childhood. He took lessons from his father Late Gunendra Krishna Purkayastha and two of his uncles Late Shoumendra Krishna Purkayastha and Late Achinta Purkayastha (Pinu) who were noted vocalists of their time in Shillong and Assam regions. Gautam had participated in various musical programs & competitions since his childhood. Although Gautam performs all sorts of songs including Hindi modern, Bengali modern, Devotional songs & Bhazans, his passion lies predominantly in Bengali Folk and Gazal. He is a versatile musician capable of performing vocals, tabla, synthesizer and guitar. He has emerged as a composer and lyricist and has already published a CD along with his wife Debarati Purkayastha on Bengali Devotional songs in the year 2014. He is a performing artist in stage programs along with his wife Debarati Purkayastha


1. Aaj Sarater Hawa Lage :  

    Artist : Debarati Purkayastha

     Kotha & Sur : Gautam Purkayastha & Debarati Purkayastha



2. Mantra Tantra Janine Maa

    Artist : Gautam Purkayastha

    Kotha & Sur : Gautam Purkayastha & Debarati Purkayastha


3. Ami Bondher :  

    Artist : Debarati Purkayastha & Gautam Purkayastha

    Kotha & Sur: Traditional (Prachalito)


4. Tabo Manga Gaan

    Artist : Debarati Purkayastha

    Kotha & Sur : Gautam Purkayastha & Debarati Purkayastha


5. Bela Boye Jay

     Artist : Gautam Purkayastha & Debarati Purkayastha

     Kotha : Gautam Purkayastha & Debarati Purkayastha

     Sur: Traditional (Prachalito)


6. Amar Choker Taray

    Artist : Debarati Purkayastha 

    Kotha & Sur: Gautam Purkayastha & Debarati Purkayastha


7. Mago Anandamayee

    Artist : Gautam Purkayastha 

    Kotha & Sur: Gautam Purkayastha & Debarati Purkayastha


8. Dhanke Kathi Porlo Ebar

    Artist : Gautam Purkayastha 

    Co-Artist  (Saha Shilpi) :  Pratik Purkayastha 

    Kotha & Sur: Gautam Purkayastha & Debarati Purkayastha

Accompaniments Name : Uday Mukherjee  Bijay Das  Nilotpal Chakraborty  Soumyo Jyoti Ghosh  Bhaskar Roy  
Accompaning Instrument : Percussion  Tabla  Do tara, Mandolin, Banjo, Khanjira   Flute  Sitar   

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